Student Government Elections Commission

The Elections Commission is an entity of American University Student Government tasked with the administration of Student Government elections. The commission organizes elections, establishes the statues governing campaigns, adjudicates election violations and ultimately endeavors to ensure free and fair elections for the American University Student Body.

The AUSG Elections Commission is a board of students unaffiliated with other departments of the Student Government or any student campaign, and under the oversight of the Undergraduate Senate, responsible for conducting all Student Government elections. The commission establishes and enforces elections policies, and serves as a resource for campaigns and for the student body. The commission’s role is to ensure that elections are run smoothly, freely and fairly.

The Elections Commission office (during campaigning and while polls are open) is in MGC 262.


Applications are now open for Elections Commissioner and Elections Prosecutor! Visit to apply



If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the commission at